Our history

Integrity Elegance Simplicity

Since its inception in early 2019, KIBODO (formerly Bamboo Electronics) has embellished thousands of offices each year.


Finding an emotional attachment

KIBODO Makes every effort to create products incorporating the latest high-tech technologies, making them accessible and attractive with a design all in noble, natural and sustainable material over time.

We believe that we are surrounded by inspiring, warm and pleasant objects that promote well-being and productivity on a daily basis ... Without going through the only functionality.

Let us go further than the only functional durability of the object, also propose an emotional durability.

Everything started with a keyboard made of bamboo ...

Launched immediately on Amazon, the keyboard and mouse set laid the first stone to a computer universe never seen until then.

Kibodo today


European countries available

10 000

The amount in € harvested during our ULUL campaign


Daily lives embellished by our products


Only objective: bring a renewal in the world of high-tech