4 conseils pour être enfin à l’aise en télétravail

4 tips to make you feel comfortable working remotely

Since the pandemic in 2020, teleworking has become an increasingly popular way of working. However, this is a real habit change, which can be subtle if not handled properly. To help you, here are our4 tips to make you feel comfortable working remotely.

Since the pandemic in 2020, teleworking has become an increasingly popular way of working. However, this is a real habit change, which can be subtle if not handled properly. To help you, here are our 4 tips to make you feel comfortable working remotely.

1. Find the right location

In order to improve work efficiency, there is a basic element to consider: ErgonomicsIn fact, if you don't sit comfortably, you can't concentrate for the necessary time. You may think that this is just a detail. Any posture is correct and any chair can do it. However, Work ergonomics is the first criterion by which you will eventually feel comfortable working remotely.

According to a study conducted by idewe's workplace health and prevention group, there are still too few employees working from home. They tend to choose Poor sitting posture for a long time. this usually has a negative effect on the lower back and neck. These musculoskeletal diseases are the number one killer of teleworkers.

In telecommuting, the clearest part of the day is sitting. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use a suitable office chair. It's best to have a chair that can at least adjust its height.

When adjusting, lean back to the bottom of the chair, and then adjust the height to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor. Also make sure your pelvis is slightly higher than your pelvis. If your table is too high, raise the chair and use the footstool.

Ideally, choose a chair with a curved support waist.

2. Free up space

Contrary to traditional ideas, working from home requires more spiritual effort. In fact, working from home can make you more distracted, and you may not be able to concentrate easily. To solve this problem, you must ensure that your workspace is optimized to keep you as focused as possible.

Optimize workspace storage

To do this, from Don't put all your things on the table. plan A storage rack For example, for all your paper documents. By keeping a clean and tidy office, you will be able to better organize your daily life.

Also consider setting up a small storage area where you can place all your gadgets (pens, calculators, notepads, etc.). These small storage spaces are best kept at hand. So don't stand up and take anything you need.

Limit your workspace

As we said before, you work from home and work in a place that is not necessarily conducive to concentration, especially if you are used to working in the office. In order to overcome this obstacle, you must Delimit work area.

Choose a fixed room in your home, where you set up your office and everything you need for your work. Then spend your working time there, just like you are in the company office. By doing so, you will be more likely not to succumb to the temptation of entertainment and leisure at home. By properly dividing your workspace, you will be able to focus on completing your tasks.

If you never have a complete room separated from the rest of your home, try creating a separation with skylights, furniture, or awnings. Although separation sometimes seems ridiculous, you know, it always has one Beneficial psychological effects for you. As long as you are in your small workspace, you will know what to do, so that you can better complete your work tasks.

3. Start small

If you're just starting to work remotely, you should realize that this is a transitional period and don't take it lightly. In fact, if you used to work in a company and leave home to work every day, the changes brought by remote work may make you unstable.

This is normal. Any change, no matter how small, takes time to adapt. So you think if you have to start working from home, almost all your habits will change.

You don't have to get up at dawn to catch the subway. You no longer work between the same walls every day. You no longer need to chat with your colleagues during breaks. You no longer have lunch in the company canteen or local restaurants. In short, change is multifaceted.

All this takes time to adapt. In order to make a successful transition, we suggest you do it bit by bit. First, review the tasks you must complete in your first few weeks of working remotely. Whenever possible, Start with easy tasks.

Avoid too many career challenges when you start working remotely. In fact, you must be familiar with your new work environment before taking higher steps. With the passage of time and habits, you will have the motivation and spiritual resources to complete more and more complex tasks and feel comfortable working remotely.

Do you want order? Before you start working, tidy up your residence and officeBy doing so, you will have better conditions to attack your workday.

4. The surrounding environment is good

A suitable chair, a neat table... What can you do to make you feel comfortable working remotely? Now it's just you Establish a work environment that is conducive to both welfare and concentrationIn fact, even in remote work, interior decoration plays an important role.

Therefore, your workspace must be one that makes you feel Calm and confidentWhat could be better than having a table with plants? Whatever it is Green plantsWhether it's juicy or cactus, a little natural touch will always bring a quiet side to your workspace.

You also need high-performance hardware to help you complete your tasks. If these materials can bring a little peace to your workplace, it's great.

Is your smartphone an indispensable device in your work? So why not consider installing one Bamboo wireless charger On your desk? This charger is very practical. In addition, its bamboo design will bring a little natural feeling, which will be popular.

As long as we combine modern technology with nature, why not choose Bamboo keyboard and mouse -Really? This will give your office a perfect natural and exotic look, especially the original appearance.