Guide 2024 : Les tendances d'aménagement de bureau à ne pas louper !

Guide 2024: Office design trends not to be missed!

In 2024, the office design trends are evolving towards concepts focused on well-being , the productivity and the sustainability . In this article we give you a complete guide to trends to adopt in the office to adapt to the new needs of employees.

In 2024, office design trends are shifting towards concepts focused on well-being , productivity and sustainability . In this article, we give you a complete guide to trends to adopt in the office to adapt to the new needs of employees.

Flex-office: the future of flexible working

Flex office teleworking

Flex office , popular in recent years, is revolutionizing the way employees approach their work environment. By eliminating any fixed workstation, it offers employees complete freedom to choose their workspace , whether face-to-face or teleworking.

This flexibility, particularly appreciated by new generations, promotes creativity by allowing everyone to vary their working environment each day and thus avoid routine. This way of working is also excellent for promoting interactions between employees by encouraging exchanges between departments.

On the business side, the flex office has the advantage of requiring less office space, as each employee is not in person every day.

Despite these advantages, the flex office can pose challenges, particularly in terms of organization and concentration, particularly in open spaces. Its success is based on optimal organization , with tools such as applications for planning teleworking and presence days , as well as a redesigned office design , focused on flexibility, efficiency, ergonomics and well-being. -be.

Modular and ergonomic workstations

Working standing ergonomic workstation

In 2024, a major evolution will occur in the design of modular and ergonomic workstations . Offices are no longer just static places, but adaptable spaces that meet the changing needs of employees, promoting better health and increased productivity.

The benefits linked to ergonomic workstations no longer need to be proven. The major challenge is to fight against a sedentary lifestyle , by reducing musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor working postures.

The latest innovations in office furniture emphasize modularity and ergonomics. Sit-stand desks , or even Walking Desks , the trend is moving! Discover our detailed article on this subject: The benefits of working standing: Why you should change the way you work!

Distinct spaces for well-being, collaboration and concentration

Business office relaxation area

This year, employee well-being remains a priority, resulting in the creation of workspaces adapted to their needs.

Companies are increasingly integrating relaxation areas , including meditation, sports, relaxation rooms, and even games rooms, with the aim of offering regenerating breaks in warm spaces.

In 2024, the focus is also on collaboration with shared creativity spaces . For this, we focus on furniture by offering paintings, high tables, armchairs, large tables... with the aim of creating spaces conducive to the sharing of ideas, creativity and strengthening team cohesion . Consult our dedicated article to discover tips and ways to develop your creativity .

Finally, with the implementation of open space and flex office in recent years, some employees may face difficulty concentrating. Companies therefore opt for quiet zones , designed to carry out individual tasks. It is with this in mind that the soundproofed individual offices were designed. They offer a practical solution, allowing each employee to effectively isolate themselves to work or take a call without disturbing their colleagues.

Technology for office design

Smart air conditioning system in business

The integration of technology , at the heart of trends this year, aims to optimize efficiency and comfort at work . Modern offices now incorporate smart lighting and climate control systems, automatically adjusting the environment as needed. This development is accompanied by optimized space management through room reservation applications , offering optimal flexibility in the use of resources and thus promoting more agile working.

The use of interactive boards and virtual collaborative spaces also reinvents collaboration, improving creativity and connectivity between teams, whether in person or remotely. From ergonomic workstations to wellness tracking applications , technology is working to improve individual comfort, promoting productivity while preserving employee health.

By integrating these technological advances, companies are shaping a connected, efficient and well-being-focused work environment , thus anticipating the needs of the constantly evolving professional world.

Office like at home: comfort at the heart of the office

Wooden desk accessories

In 2024, companies are redefining the concept of the office by making it more welcoming. From relaxation areas equipped with comfortable sofas, to shared kitchens, these arrangements aim to create a professional environment where employees feel at home.

With the development of teleworking in recent years, employees have understood the importance of working in a pleasant and inspiring environment for their well-being. This “ Like at home ” approach therefore aims to improve employee satisfaction, and thus contribute to talent retention and increased productivity.

Spaces, furniture and accessories are therefore of crucial importance in creating a comfortable, pleasant and warm working environment . And this includes office accessories that we use every day.

They are not simple functional tools. They also contribute to the overall ambiance of the workspace. Plastic keyboards and mice, which we have seen on all desks for decades, can create a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere.

But there are alternatives to bring visual warmth to our offices . By replacing office equipment with wooden keyboards , mice and chargers, you transform a classic desk into one that is elegant, warm and inspiring, while maintaining a high level of performance.

Sustainable plants and furniture: towards greener offices

Sustainable plants and furniture

Office design trends for 2024 are moving towards an eco-responsible approach, integrating sustainable and ecological furniture as well as the presence of plants to green up work spaces .

Attention is now focused on the durability of furniture, favoring recyclable and natural materials. This choice, beyond its ecological impact, contributes to forging a responsible brand image. At Kibodo, we embody this vision with sustainable, innovative and aesthetic products. Our wooden keyboards, mice and wireless chargers help create an eco-responsible and warm working environment .

Greening offices has also become a common practice. From green walls to green spaces, this approach goes beyond the aesthetic aspect. Plants improve air quality, reduce stress and create a more pleasant working atmosphere, supporting employee well-being. Discover in this article the indoor plants that boost your productivity .

Thus, by opting for environmentally friendly furniture and integrating nature into work spaces, companies are shaping a new face of offices, combining functionality, aesthetics and ecological commitment.


These developments demonstrate the growing desire of companies to create stimulating work environments , conducive to productivity, while meeting the needs of employees. This year 2024 is also emerging as a flagship year in the redefinition of our working methods , with more and more companies deciding to adopt the 4-day week. Who knows, maybe the 4-day week will become a norm, marking a significant step towards a more balanced approach to work. To be continued…