Le tableau de visualisation : un outil simple et efficace pour atteindre vos objectifs

The table display: a simple and effective tool to achieve your goals

Do you know the visualization board or otherwise called the "vision board"? This tool that uses your inspiration, your creativity and your reflection is excellent to reflect on your projects, help you stay focused on your goals and motivate yourself to reach them.
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Do you know the Table display or otherwise called "vision board"? This tool uses your inspiration, your creativity and reflection is great to think about your projects, help you stay focused on your goals and motivate you to achieve them.

What is a chart visualization?

A table viewing is a visual representation to materialize your goals and your professional future through inspiring photos, quotes, numbers, or anything else related to your goals. It is a clean table to everyone who asks a thorough reflection on your professional future. Specifically, it chart must be a tool to push you to take action. It allows to take stock of your professional aspirations by determining the goals you want to achieve for the year or years to come.

Very easy to build, it will be enough of a picture (cork, wood, or other) on which you will hang pictures, positive affirmations, quotes, numbers ... which make you think about your goals. It is then advisable to place the table in a place where you can see it regularly.

Table visualization: how it affects our intentions?

By visualizing your goals and seeing them regularly, the brain registers your desires and is then conditioned to make decisions that will guide you towards your goals. If you experience a drop in motivation, look at your table, visualize your goals and imagine your life when you have achieved.

It is permeating you images and positive visualizations as you gain motivation and that you will implement all necessary means to achieve your projects. Indeed, by materializing your thinking, your brain will associate with your goal of images and scenarios to project yourself and make it more concrete. The more you bring in precision visualizing your goalPlus your commitment will be hard to achieve it. You'll also be able to understand all the steps that will lead you to achieve your goal more easily overcoming obstacles.

WarningHe must not believe that this tool is magic, because if you build your vision board but its sole purpose is to decorate your room or office, you will not be of any use. By creating your own tableYou need to think in more detail about your aspirations, your desires and your goals. So when you have completed your table, take time each day, such as early in the day to focus on your goals, visualize, and think about the actions implemented to achieve them. More you will focus on your intentions, the more you will be able to project yourself and seize the opportunities that are available to you to achieve your goals.

How to create your chart visualization?

Step 1: Define your goals

The first most important step build your vision board is of set your goals. This step is the one to ask the more thought since it will affect the efficiency of your table. To set your goals, ask yourself the right questions:

  • "What is my goal / project? »
  • "How can I reach? »
  • "With what means and resources? »

Make your most practical and possible specific targets for a better view when you have achieved.

Step 2: Choose your video

The second step is to select images, drawings, statements, texts, etc. who best represent your goals. To find inspiration, flip through magazines and search on Pinterest you will find a lot of inspiring things related to your aspirations. Do not only choose images representing your end goals, also insert images describing the process that will lead you to your goals. Then choose your table format and organize your items on it.

Be creative and Personalize your Vision Board so that it looks like you and motivates you.

Step 3: Use your Board Vision

Finally, you only have to place it in a strategic place where you can observe it regularly. Every day, before starting to work, do you give 5 minutes to watch yourvisualization board. Ask yourself on what you need to do to get closer to your goals closer and repeat the phrases, quotes and / or positive affirmations that you have inserted aloud. This will allow you to motivate you and win confidence in you and your convictions.


You will understand it, the visualization board Where vision board is an excellent tool to support you in achieving your goals.

Each table is unique, which means that your table should match you and make sense for you. He must push you to act and give you the means ofAchieve your goals.