Wooden hulls

Why buy a wooden hull?

True technological jewels, your telephone devices are very fragile. To protect them perfectly, you will need to opt for a solid shell .

Wooden shells are durable and can withstand drops . Designed in a minimalist manner, these cases are known for being relatively light ; which does not prevent them from guaranteeing you optimal protection !

Your phone case will continue to improve over time . Indeed, the more the wood is used, the more it patina and becomes beautiful.

Thanks to its design and its ability to protect your phone over the long term, the wooden case is an accessory that will allow you to stand out.

In addition, you can get your phone case, airpods or iPad at very reasonable prices with Kibodo !

Our bamboo shells

Our range of wooden hulls represents an entire universe. You will find in our store a wide choice of bamboo shells, made with noble materials and worked by the best craftsmen and manufacturers in the world, specialists in bamboo work.

Wooden phone cases

The wooden phone case has a real bamboo plate to protect your smartphone as much as possible from external shocks . Our phone cases have raised edges to perfectly surround the contours of your device and its camera.

Thanks to its minimalist style , we guarantee you a pleasant to the touch grip . Thanks to bamboo, no more scratches and fingerprints !

In addition, in the pack, you will have tempered glass included for 360° protection ! 

Wooden airpod cases

To ensure that your AirPods are not damaged during a fall or shock, our wooden cases create solid protection so that your headphones and their rechargeable case are not damaged over time. Also, they will give them a magnificent look, while ensuring comfortable use .

Maple wood provides a touch that is both soft and silky thanks to its varnish, which has excellent durability over time.

Wooden iPad cases

Dress up your iPad with a natural, elegant and minimalist protective wooden shell. Our wooden Ipad case models promise you maximum protection. Once closed, the cover of your case allows your device to automatically go to sleep .

Your case will be delivered to you with tempered glass for even more protection!

Kibodo, the specialist in wooden hulls

Distributing its products in 8 European countries, Kibodo attracts thousands of people every year thanks to its ecological accessories with a privileged aesthetic.

Thus, since our creation in 2019, we have wanted to offer everyone products with a noble design and high-end quality, while promising a collection of functional objects ensuring true durability over time .

At Kibodo, we have opted to manufacture telephone and office accessories from bamboo. Very concerned about the future of the planet, each of our products will be sent to you in plastic-free and recyclable packaging which you can then use as a phone holder once folded. Ingenious, right?

How does the delivery of a bamboo shell work with Kibodo?

When you have added your products to your basket, you will be able to calculate the delivery costs before making the purchase. Once your order has been validated, our experts will take care of sending your order within the day if you made the purchase before noon. It will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 working days , depending on the option chosen.

So that you can follow the delivery of your package , we will provide you with a link and a tracking number .