Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)


Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)

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Holy Panda is a very popular type of switch for mechanical keyboards now distributed in France by KIBODO. It offers a very characteristic unique typing sensation. For gaming, writing, creative work, it will meet your desires and needs.

Imagine a world...

...Where every word you write or action you take is an opportunity to change the course of your life. A world where, behind your screen, you can achieve great things...

In this world, switches, these little unsung heroes of our keyboards, come to life. Like silent heroes, switches hide under the keys of our keyboard, waiting for their moment to shine. Each key press is a promise of adventure, a connection to the world, to share your ideas, express your emotions and unleash your creativity.

They are the silent companions...

...Writers, gamers, programmers and creatives. Their precision and responsiveness transform each keystroke into a symphony of possibilities. In your quest for inspiration and productivity, they are there to support you. No matter your doubts, your fears, your successes, your failures, these little heroes represent the optimism and strength you need to move forward and believe in your dreams.

At the origin of a community creation...

Holy Panda was created in a stroke of genius by Quakemz, a famous YouTube channel host. After numerous experiments and tests of popular switches, Quakemz could not find THE rare gem. He then embarked on the quest for perfection by creating a hybrid model from two switches. That's when the magic happened and he gave birth to Holy Panda, which became a true revolution in the world of mechanical keyboards.

The story of the Holy Panda then becomes much more than a simple story of technology and innovation, it is the story of a enthusiast who transformed his quest for perfection into an experience shared by thousands of people around the world. worldwide.

Why choose a Holy Panda switch?

The Holy Panda switch is a tactile switch, offering a marked and pleasant typing.

Ideal for writing, it is suitable for those who like to feel the activation and rebound of the keys under their fingers.

Despite a strong feeling of support and a marked rebound, the Holy Panda remains very soft and satisfying to use.

Its sound signature is pleasant, with an average volume.

Comfortable for all types of use, it is particularly recommended for creative work.

Creating a start-up...

My name is Placide, and I am the founder of Kibodo . 4 years ago, with an engineering degree in hand, I signed my permanent contract. My path seemed clear. But I was driven by a very specific project: that of bringing about a renewal in the world of high-tech.

In 2019, alongside my work, I decided to create Kibodo based on a simple observation: A workspace that we like and resembles us makes office life much more pleasant!

2 years later, I made a decision: to resign! The temptation to continue on my path and make Kibodo grow was too strong not to try...

... Innovative and full of ambition

Four years later, the team has grown, and Kibodo has evolved a lot: from my bedroom, then my small office, then my living room, since 2023 we have been installed in large offices in Pau, within the Helioparc technology park. : renowned in the region for welcoming innovative companies.

And we don’t stop there! Kibodo is also a French Tech member, and participates in major global events with the aim of making our mission heard, that of bringing a breath of freshness and modernity to the world of high-tech.

The Kibodo adventure has only just begun, the future remains to be written, and we will write it together .

From the idea... To you

Creating a new product at Kibodo is a long journey. It all starts with an idea. Then, several months of research and quality tests follow in order to guarantee innovative products of excellent quality.

The research

An industrial design engineer, Florian relies on his expertise and the best manufacturers in Asia for the development and design of each product. Because quality and innovation are our priorities, several months of reflection, testing and quality control pass before our products are in your hands.

What is a mechanical keyboard switch?

Aswitch for keyboardis a switch placed under each key on the keyboard, which activates when you press a key, thus responding to your command. There are various types of switch:linear switch, and thetouch switch.

Which keyboard switch to choose?

THEbest switch for mechanical keyboardis the one that best suits your use. You will have the choice between alinear switch, or onetouch switch.

THElinear switchis appreciated for its responsiveness and silence. When you press a key, thelinear switchactivates the key continuously, without resistance, providing speed and flexibility. THElinear switchis for example recommended forgaming keyboards.

THEtouch switchis appreciated for its precision. Its particularity is that it allows you to feel the triggering of the keys with each keystroke. It requires stronger support than forlinear switches. This kind oftouch switchis for example recommended if you write a lot, thus avoiding typing errors.

How do I change the switches on my mechanical keyboard?

Forremove and change the switches on your mechanical keyboard, it is very simple. You need two special pliers: one to extract the keys, the other to extract the switches.

First, take the pliers to extract the keys, position them so as to wrap the key on both sides. Pull slowly and the button will come out. Then, equip yourself with thepliers to extract the switches, and do exactly the same manipulation.

Finally, forput a new switch on your keyboard, you just need to position the pins by aligning them with the holes provided for this purpose, so that the switches can engage. For the keys, simply align the “+” shape under the keys with the “+” shape on the switch and clip.

Asian manufacturing

Products based on traditional and ancestral Chinese know-how

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