Wooden Wireless Chargers

Our selection of wooden wireless chargers

Discover our collection of Kibodo wooden batteries and wireless chargers.
Charge your devices by induction with a real piece carved from wood.

The induction charger is only compatible with devices and phones equipped with induction charging, “universally” compatible with all these devices regardless of brand . Made from real bamboo, it is delicately varnished which gives it the look of a real decorative piece.

As stylish as it is practical, this portable external battery is suitable for 12 and later (12, 13, 14, 15).

It works very simply: you just need to hold it close to your smartphone. It will then attach magnetically to discreetly charge your mobile.

Are you looking for an attractive and practical wireless charger for use in the office?

Then this product is made for you!

Thanks to its vertical support, you can charge your iPhone 12 and later in complete freedom, for easy handling.

MagSafe compatible, this wireless charger model magnets to your phone.

Immediately recognized by iPhone 12 and later, you will have the option of using a power adapter of 18W or more, for faster charging.

Kibodo, the specialist in phone accessories

Created in 2019, the French company Kibodo brings renewal to the world of high-tech. Thanks to a wide selection of ecological technological products, you will be able to find practical and stylish accessories to support you on a daily basis in a totally responsible approach.

Recognized in 8 countries, our brand has, to date, more than 5,000 satisfied and very loyal customers.

Based on artisanal manufacturing , our company has proven itself. Thanks to solid wood finishes and ever more innovative technologies , our items will offer your devices high-quality performance as well as a unique style.


How much power for a wireless charger?

The power of a wireless charger can go up to 15W. Most are around 10W, but you can also find some with lower power levels, generally ranging from 5 to 7.5W.

What is the point of the wireless charger?

The wireless charger is a convenient solution for charging electronic devices. You will no longer need to use cables. By opting for this accessory, you will eliminate any risk of electrocution or short circuit.

Does wireless charging damage the battery?

No, wireless charging poses no risk to the life of your battery.

How is wireless charging done?

Wireless charging works using electromagnetic induction.