6 astuces simples pour se mettre au vert au bureau

6 simple tips to get green at the office

Adopt ecological and responsible actions At home, it's good. But also apply them to the office, it's even better. We spend a lot of our days on our workplace, which is why our efforts should not be limited to home only. Discover our 6 tips to get green in the office.

Adopt ecological and responsible actions At home, it's good. But also apply them to the office, it's even better. We spend a lot of our days on our workplace, which is why our efforts should not be limited to home only. Discover our 6 tips to get green in the office.

1. Surround yourself with plants



Green plants are increasingly appearing in the offices. In addition to bringing conviviality and naturalness to a room, the plants have multiple benefits since they participate in particularFoster the well-being of employees at work.

Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of plants at its workplace. Indeed, green plants allowImprove our productivity and concentrationbut not only, they also contribute tostress. According to a study by Japanese researchers who have studied a group of 63 employees, their level of stress and their pulse have decreased significantly in a work environment with green plants.

In addition to having incredible virtues on our well-being,Green plants purifies the air. For this, it is necessary to opt for depolluting plants to regenerate the air and maintain a stable humidity. Renewing the air is essential to avoid migraines and respiratory disorders in the office.

2. Clean your mailbox

Our mailbox is every day invaded emails. In the world, nearly 280 billion emails are sent every day, including about 80% of them are never open. Indeed, among them, many useful us: newsletters, abundant advertisements, etc.

As you go, we accumulate these emails and do not often take the time to make a big sort. Yet the sending of emails consume much energy and contributes to the digital pollution.

Thus, by regularly cleaning our mailbox, modeling the shipment of large files and limiting the number of recipients, we participate in the Reduction of this digital pollution. By the way, sorting its mailbox allows you to see more clearly and not missing a large mail, lost in the middle of advertisements or newsletters.

But then, where to start for Clean your mailbox? Fortunately simple and effective tools exist to simplify the task, like Cleanfox which allows you to scan your mailbox, sort your emails, remove unnecessary newsletters, etc.

3. Equipped its office of natural accessories and ecolos

Every year around the world, we have nearly 44.7 million tonnes of electrical and electronic waste, 80% of which are neither drawn nor recycled. Unfortunately, the programmed obsolescence only worsens these numbers over the years because electronic products are less and less durable and we have to replace them too often.

It is therefore time to consume less but better by opting for Natural Office Accessories and 100% Ecolos. Thanks to The use of bamboo To substitute plastic, we can easily replace our office accessories, cooking, beauty, etc.

Bamboo is a Solid and robust material which guarantees the durability of products. In addition to this, the wood offers a touch of aesthetics and sweetness to our work environment and promotes relaxation.

4. Moderate impressions

According to theEcological transition agency, 25% of printed documents are thrown into the trash after impressions, and 16% are never read. In addition to wasting paper, we are also wasting ink and energy. So, in order to avoid this waste, you have to make good sense in maximizing impressions and by focusing on digital. Despite the strong use of digital, it is still too little used to replace the paper.

To optimize impressions, it is recommended to print duplex and black and white documents as much as possible, but also optimize their layout. For example, if our document is 2 pages while the set can contain on 1 single page, we can remove unnecessary images or spaces.

Finally, instead of using papers in a meeting, why not privilege digital tools to avoid printing paper supports that are often found in the trash at the end of the meeting? You will enjoy a much more attractive visual support. Similarly, if you want to edit a digital document, PDF editors exist to write and edit the document directly online and so avoid one or more print (s).

5. Replace plastic

According to Figures of the PlasticSeurope association, 22% of plastic waste in France are not recycled. The use of plastic is still too present, many alternatives exist for replace the plastic and pass to the non-disposable.

Thus, instead of buying plastic water bottles on the vending machine, we prefer a stainless steel gourd that will be kept much longer. Similarly for the coffee break, we replace the plastic glasses with mugs. In this way, instead of regularly buying recyclable objects, you rarely buy from Durable products in time, like stainless steel gourdes or mugs for example.

6. Save energy

Light, electrical appliances, air conditioning, heating ... energy sources are multiple in the office and the consumption of very high energy.

It is sometimes difficult to realize it, but leave its devices in standby or on 24 hours a day, heavy environmental consequences. Simple habits are to be taken for Better managing the energy consumption of our electronics. For example, one can adjust your computer so that it automatically stands on standby from 5 minutes of inactivity. And if we leave his office for more than an hour, it is advisable to turn off his devices, just like at the end of the day or week.

Air conditioning and heating are also powerful energy chasms. Sometimes used in an abusive way, some people do not have a reasoned use. This is why it is strongly recommended to adjust air conditioning and heating at room temperature. In addition to that, working in an environment where it's too hot or too cold is not nice and can harm our concentration. If it is too hot, we think of lowering the blinds to keep the freshness and we are at the maximum.


For Limit our environmental impact, everyone must act in his own way, responsibly. Adopt ecological gestures in the office is simple and makes it possible to contribute to the planet. Moreover, we must not hesitate to talk to his colleagues to act collectively and put in place simple and effective rules.

At Kibodo, we are aware of The environmental impact of plastic waste. Our goal is to make you eat less but better. That's why all our products are made from a 100% recyclable material, bamboo, and are designed to last in time. In addition, in order to Limit the energy consumption of our electronic devices (Keyboards and mouse), a standby mode is automatically activated when they are not used, and turns off at the slightest click.