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Why buy a wooden MacBook case?

Enhance your PC with our wooden cover for Macbook , perfect for adding a touch of elegance. This wooden case provides durable protection against scratches and bumps.

With a thickness of 3 mm, this adhesive wooden shell blends harmoniously with your Macbook , guaranteeing effective protection without compromising on design.

Made from solid bamboo, it naturally adorns your computer while giving it a natural and authentic touch. Beautify your Macbook with our wooden shell , a perfect alliance between aesthetics and durability.

How to install an adhesive wooden shell on MacBook?

Installing an adhesive wooden cover on your MacBook is quick and easy. Follow these steps for successful application:

1- Prepare the Surface: Start by making sure the surface of your MacBook is clean and dry. Use a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

2- Remove the Apple logo: Carefully remove the Apple logo insert from the case.

3- Align and Install: Carefully peel off a small portion of the adhesive (a line), and make sure to align it correctly to the bottom of your MacBook.

4- Apply gradually: Once the first part is well positioned and stuck, gently remove the remaining adhesive film. Press carefully to ensure even adhesion across the entire surface.

There you go, you have now successfully placed your wooden adhesive shell on your MacBook ! Enjoy the protection and aesthetics this brings to your laptop.