Comment décorer un bureau à la maison ?

How to decorate an office at home?

Working from home requires careful and comfortable installation  to avoid back problems, reduced motivation, and difficult working hours. Kibodo gives you some tips to make your office a space you love to be in!
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Working from home requires a careful and comfortable setup in order to avoid back problems, reduced motivation, and arduous working hours. Kibodo gives you some tips to make your office a space you love to be in!

How to have a pleasant office space?

Decoration, location of the desk, comfort of the chair, height of the table top… Let’s see what the recommendations are!

  • Finding the right layout
  • This is definitely the first thing to consider before even thinking about your decoration. You can choose to face a wall to make it easier to concentrate, but many still prefer to have a window near them to enjoy a pleasant view.

    In all cases, a window or other skylight nearby is always appreciated to benefit from natural light.

  • Optimize your storage
  • You can choose open storage or closed storage . All the items you use the least can be hidden to better appreciate your space... The rest should be close by.

    For a more decorative and designer space you can choose wooden elements to add a natural touch. The advantage is that this type of material goes perfectly with different decorations.

  • Adapt your work surface
  • If you feel like you won't be able to spend hours working while seated, why not provide an ergonomic desk ? It can raise, lower, adjust to any height needed. You can choose to work standing, sitting, or even on a fitness ball!

  • Choose suitable accessories
  • Let’s get to the decoration! Accessories have their place; you simply have to choose them according to your personal tastes, the interior decoration that you have chosen, but also the atmosphere that you want to create in this space.

    Also choose accessories that adapt to your immediate environment, which will not be bulky and which will allow you to work efficiently. You may love novelty items, but don't let them overwhelm you!

  • The crux of the matter: the office chair
  • The most important for the end.

    You can have a standard desk, little storage, unnatural light, no fancy accessories, but you CANNOT have an uncomfortable, non-ergonomic chair…

    When it is well chosen, you can spend hours, days, months, years sitting on it. However, if this is not the case, back pain will be with you for a long time.

    Choose aesthetics for the decoration and layout, but for the chair, choose comfort.

    Where to find decorative and useful elements for your office?

    On our online store, find various decorative elements that you can add to the decoration of your office space!

    We have diverse and varied products such as computer keyboards , mouse pads and mice , headphones , wireless chargers, covers ... In short, we have everything you need to settle into the best possible conditions.

    In addition, all of our products are designed with eco-responsible materials , from bamboo wood. Aesthetic, practical and ecological, they provide you with natural decoration for maximum well-being.

    How to add a natural touch to your office?

    Kibodo accessories are certainly best suited to giving your office a natural touch. Whether to the touch or to the sight, bamboo wood gives them a soft and warm appearance !

    You can also choose to accompany them with plants. They can be placed in different places but also hung. It's up to you to choose what you prefer and what type of installation suits you.

    However long you sit at your desk, make it feel good. This is of great importance for your daily well-being.