Comment nettoyer un clavier d’ordinateur ?

How to clean a computer keyboard?

Despite its quality and frequent care, your computer keyboard is a office automation element that must be cleaned.  Not only because certain traces can appear over time and make it less aesthetic, but also because it can be a significant vector of microbes, dirt and bacteria.

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Despite its quality and the fact of taking care of it frequently, your computer keyboard is an office element that must be cleaned. Not only because certain traces can appear over time and make it less aesthetic, but also because it can be a significant vector of microbes, dirt and bacteria.

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How to clean your computer keyboard in 5 steps?

Kibodo tells you everything!

Unplug your computer keyboard

There is nothing simpler than this first step. Once you have unplugged your keyboard, move outside and clean it.

Obviously, if you have a laptop, you just need to turn it off!

Indeed, by staying outside, on a terrace, a balcony or in a garden, you prevent dust and other evacuated waste from returning inside your home or work space.

If you want to be careful but unfortunately don't have anywhere outside, go to a park or a field! No… More seriously, you can install it in a bathroom , above a basin, or on your work surface.

In the latter case, place newspaper on the support.

Do a first cleaning of the keyboard

For this second step, do a rough cleaning to start.

  • Turn the keyboard over and shake it to remove all the large dust and encrusted dirt.

For a laptop, carry out the same manipulation while being careful not to drag it or damage the entire device.

  • Rest your keyboard or computer and, using a hairdryer, blow on all the keys. Be careful not to get too close! You can also choose to use the “cold air” function if you have one.

Clean your keyboard keys

This third step is the longest since it involves cleaning the keys of your computer keyboard !

You can choose to do a rough cleaning of the whole thing, but the most effective is still careful work, key by key.

  • Use cotton swabs dipped in white vinegar, it should not drip.
  • Rub each key: on the top but also on the sides, between them.

When a cotton swab gets too dirty, switch sides or throw it away.

  • For larger parts of your keyboard, you may choose to use a cloth or paper towel . Otherwise, continue with the cotton swabs.

Attention ! Don't pour white vinegar on your keyboard! Make sure that the cloth or your absorbent paper itself is soaked.

Clean the interior of the keyboard

On some keyboards, it is possible to remove the keys to access the interior part. You can check this on its instructions! If you do not have the information, refrain from doing so to avoid damage.

If you have the option to remove your keys, here's how to do it:

  • Using a straightedge or a flathead screwdriver, gently lift the keys one by one until they unclip.

We advise you to do them one by one to avoid making mistakes when assembling the keys. Otherwise, take a photo of your keyboard so you remember their location... Especially if you have a specific computer keyboard!

Once your interior cleaning is finished, position the button(s) again by pressing firmly on them. Without knocking !

You should hear a “click”.

Finish cleaning your computer keyboard

Now here is the final step in your cleaning:

  • Clean the cable with a soft cloth or absorbent paper to which you add a few drops of white vinegar.
  • Repeat the same thing for the bottom of the keyboard. You can insist on the pads to prevent your keyboard from slipping.

Your computer keyboard is finally ready! It has had a makeover! You can be proud of yourself. We recommend that you carry out this type of cleaning approximately every 6 months.