Comment réparer son clavier d’ordinateur ?

How to fix his computer keypad?

A keyboard is an accessory that is used almost all daily, whether in the office or at home. As a result, it is strongly solicited, and is sometimes the victim of our clumsiness, potentially leading to its malfunction. But in this case, How to fix his computer keypad?

A keyboard is an accessory that is used almost all daily, whether in the office or at home. As a result, it is strongly solicited, and is sometimes the victim of our clumsiness, potentially leading to its malfunction. But in this case, How to fix his computer keypad?

There are several solutions for that. Sometimes a simple regular cleaning can suffice to maintain its proper functioning. But in some cases, it will be necessary to carry out operations a little more complex.

We therefore propose you to review the different precautions and solutions that will allow you to repair andEnsure the proper functioning of your computer keyboard.

Simple maintenance methods for its computer keyboard

You probably know the adage "Prevention is better than cure"? Well, this applies especially if you keep your keyboard with any failure. To do this, the best solution is to clean it regularly, so that dirt do not accumulate between your keys.

Not only can these dirt damage your keyboard, but in addition, they represent a real danger in terms of hygiene. Indeed, your keyboard is a lot of ground conducive to the proliferation of bacteria. In order to remedy this problem, so here are some simple methods to clean your computer keypad.

1. How to clean the keys on your keyboard

Start by unplugging the USB cable connecting your keyboard to your computer. For Old School keyboards with a PS2 port, you will need to turn off your computer before disconnecting.

Then, plan an easily cleanable surface, or deploy a towel on your table, then turn your keypad over again. Tap on your keyboard to drop the dirt. If you have a compressed air bombon, then use it to blow hidden dust between the keys. If there are still recalcitrant elements, take a cotton swab, soak it with alcohol, then go along the sides not yet sufficiently cleaned.

In case you want to clean your depth membrane keypad, Gently remove the keys one to a, helping you a screwdriver. We first recommend taking your keypad to keep a visual of the position of each key. Once the keys are removed, use an aerosol bomb to remove dirt, and clean it with a slightly wet cloth. Finally, replace your keys in the correct order.

2. Clean your keypad after spilling liquid on it

This case occurs more often than it is believed, and this can seriously damage your keyboard, especially if the spilled liquid is like sticky, like coca or coffee for example.

To clean your keyboard, unplug it, then turn it back, the buttons facing the ground. This operation must be performed quickly so that moisture does not damage the electronic circuit. Take a cloth, and dry your keyboard while keeping it upside down. It is advisable to leave your keyboard returned over a night.

In the case where the liquid has already dried, then it remains possible to repair its computer keyboard by cleaning the keys with alcohol. If the liquid flowed only on the top of the keys, then use a cotton-rod soaked in alcohol to clean them. Rub until the keys do not stick anymore. Then wait for the dry alcohol, then check your keys one by one to make sure they all work perfectly.

There is another tip consisting of placing your keyboard in an airtight box containing raw rice. This idea can seem sagregated, but be aware that rice is able to absorb spilled liquid and moisture. Put your keyboard in the box, sprinkle with rice, and let stand for a few hours.

This method is certainly effective in drying your keyboard, but it has a disadvantage: it may be that rice grains get stuck between your keys, even after spilling and shaking your keyboard. In this case, you will have to remove the keys gently with a screwdriver, to get rid of the grains that are problematic.

3. How to clean the keys of a laptop?

The way to clean the keypad of a laptop is different, since it is directly integrated into the device. Here you will not be able to remove the keys, especially that of the spacebar and the ENTER key. The cleaning of your laptop keyboard will be done with a cotton swab and a compressed air cuff.

How to fix his mechanical keyboard?

A membrane keypad is generally easier to repair, especially because of the fact that this type of keyboard is composed of few elements. Things are complicated however when it comes to repairing a mechanical keyboard. Indeed, here, each touch is independent and has its own mechanism composed of several pieces.

So, how to repair his computer keyboard if it is mechanical? You are offered several solutions here.

1. General rules for deep maintenance of a mechanical keyboard

If you plan to perform a deep maintenance of your mechanical keyboard, so be aware that you will generally have to remove all the keys. Once done, you can clean the mechanisms using a brush or brush.

In order to avoid you lose yourself in the order of the keys, you have two solutions:

  • You take your photo keyboard, then you remove all keys for cleaning. You then base yourself in your photo to restore the keys.
  • You perform the retired key cleaning. It will take you more time, but you will be sure to place each touch in its initial place.

The removal of the keys of a mechanical keyboard can be delicate. We must not force anything, because you may just worsen the case. If you can not remove the keys, then you can remove all the screws from your keyboard, and clean it from the inside.

2. Cleaning the switch with a blower

On a mechanical keyboard, the failure of a key can be caused either by dust or by a malfunction of the switch. In these cases, the spring mechanism or cursor can be trapped.

In order to remedy it, you can blow the faulty key with compressed air. This will remove what blocks the activation point. In the event that blow would not be enough to solve the problem, then you will have to disassemble the switch, a much more complex operation.

3. Disassembly of the switch

Be notified: This is a more difficult operation, and we advise you to confide it to a professional if you do not feel able to realize it for yourself. Nevertheless, we will still explain here the different steps to follow.

Remember that on a mechanical keyboard, each key is an independent unit, composed of a small plastic box with a spring, a cursor and an electric switch.

Some keyboard models with switches mounted on the PCB allow to remove the top, and then remove the cursor and spring, and finally clean the switch and plastic housing manually. Repairing your computer keyboard in this way is risky, because you could break the switch during the operation.