La coque en bois protège-t-elle vraiment le téléphone ?

Does the wooden case really protect the phone?

At Kibodo, our range of wooden hulls represents a whole universe. In our online store, discover a wide choice of accessories designed from bamboo worked by the best craftsmen and manufacturers in the world! Of course, our creations are equipped with a real bamboo plate to protect as much as possible against external aggressions which can be multiple.

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Why buy a wooden hull?

Considered as accessories but also as technological jewelry, our wooden cases are ideal for protecting your telephone devices while adding a touch of originality and well-being to your daily look!

Made from bamboo, they prove to be particularly practical and aesthetic.

Also, their minimalist design ensures that they are aesthetic, relatively light, while ensuring optimal protection on a daily basis.

You will appreciate its durability but also its embellishment which, over time, will be more and more visible. Yes, the more the wood is used, the more it patina and becomes beautiful!

But that's not all: its minimalism guarantees a pleasant touch in the hand. And to accompany it all, take advantage of the included tempered glass to protect your screen. We offer you 360° protection .

What protection can you expect from a wooden hull?

A wooden shell like we present to you at Kibodo has the advantage of ensuring maximum protection for the smartphone that you slide inside. Here are the aspects that help protect your device against external attacks:

  • Shock absorption : As wood naturally has some ability to absorb shock, it is a material renowned for helping to protect your phone from light impacts.
  • Scratch resistance : more scratch resistant than some other materials. A wooden case helps prevent scratches on the surface of your phone; you keep it in its most beautiful appearance in the long term!
  • Structural protection : One of the main functions of a phone case is to protect the device and its internal components in the event of a fall or impact. Bamboo wood is renowned for its strength and robustness, ensuring maximum protection overall.
  • Adaptability : of course, we offer cases adapted to certain types of mobile phones since not all of them have the same shape, the same structure, nor the same size. iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi… We adapt to a large number of telephone brands on the market!

Kibodo, specialist in wooden computer accessories

Distributed in 8 European countries , our Kibodo brand continually appeals to thousands of people. Our bamboo wood computer accessories are indeed products that appeal for their aesthetics but also for their practicality and resistance. Ecological, they allow you to enjoy them without feeling guilty!

Since we created this brand, we have been keen to offer free access to products designed with noble design and high-end quality .

Without ever putting aside the functional aspect!

On our online store, find many everyday objects, telephone and office accessories made from bamboo to allow you pleasant use and a feeling of well-being both at home and in your professional space.

Very concerned by environmental issues, our team wanted to send you the products ordered in plastic-free and recyclable packaging which you can then use as a phone holder once folded. If you have a cell phone that needs protection, order your wooden case!