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Our AirPods cases are compatible with wireless charging, as long as you're using AirPods that support this feature.

Here is the list of AirPods models compatible with induction charging:
- AirPods 2nd generation
- AirPods 3rd generation
- AirPods Pro
If your model is in this list, it is compatible with wireless charging, with and without the case. If it is not in this list it will not be.

Please note that AirPods 1st generation (AirPods 1) are not compatible with wireless charging, regardless of the case used.

No, if your AirPods case falls, the case will remain securely attached to your case. Thanks to the presence of non-slip pads , the shell will absorb the shock, thus protecting your case and keeping it in new condition.

The case is securely attached to your AirPods case thanks to non-slip pads.

However, if you want to remove it, here's a simple trick: take the tip of your charger and push the case from the charging hole.

A little video tip , to show you how to do it, will be made available to you very quickly :)

No, our AirPods cases are designed to be lightweight (31g) and do not add significant weight to your headphones.

They will provide style and protection without weighing you down. Your AirPods will never have been so ready :)

Neither the case nor the headphones are provided. The product is a shell intended to protect and dress your AirPods case.


To clean your AirPods case, use a soft, slightly damp cloth . Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage maple wood. Be sure to dry them completely before using them again.

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