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We offer a wide range of cases, available for different popular smartphone models. Be sure to check the case for compatibility with your specific model.

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Yes, the case is specially designed to allow wireless induction charging. You can place your Qi-compatible smartphone equipped with the case on an induction wireless charger for convenient charging without having to remove the case.

Please note that this depends on your phone's wireless charging compatibility and not the case. If your phone is not compatible with induction charging, with or without the case, it will not work.
To check if your smartphone is compatible with wireless charging, we invite you to do a search on the manufacturer's website of your device.
You can also search for this on the Internet, by typing in your search bar “[Device model] compatible with induction charging?]”

Yes, the case is designed with raised edges and sturdy construction to provide complete protection for your smartphone. It effectively protects your device against bumps, scratches and daily damage.

The case will not weigh down your phone. This case is designed to be lightweight and add very little weight to your device. It is made from lightweight materials such as bamboo and TPU. The texture is soft and the touch pleasant .

So you can enjoy extra protection without sacrificing the lightweight feel of your device.

Indeed, your case is delivered with a tempered glass screen, here is the procedure to follow to install it:

Step 1: Clean the screen carefully with cloth number 1. It is a damp cloth that will remove any traces that may be on your smartphone screen.
Step 2: Dry the screen with cloth number 2. This cloth will allow you to remove any dust that may be on your phone's screen.
Step 3: Place the tempered glass on your screen.

We recommend that you follow a tutorial that will guide you in setting up your tempered glass screen.

Link to a tutorial that may help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0UJojg0kSM

Soon, a tutorial will be made available to guide you in the installation of your KIBODO tempered glass.

Don't throw it away! Our packaging is innovatively designed, providing additional functionality.

It can be cleverly folded and transformed into a convenient phone holder. Take advantage of this clever tip and save money by not purchasing a separate stand!


To clean your case, use a soft, slightly damp cloth.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that could damage materials.
Gently wipe the surface of the case to remove any dirt or marks.

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