Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Wooden Case + Screen Protector
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Wooden Case + Screen Protector
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Wooden Case + Screen Protector


Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Wooden Case + Screen Protector

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Enhance and protect your phone with our ultra-strong, elegant case! Raised edges, tempered glass included.
Recyclable packaging convertible into stand

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Alliance of elegance and resistance

Featuring raised edges and sturdy construction, our cases provide complete protection while blending seamlessly with the sleek aesthetic of your device.

Ultra soft touch

The use of natural bamboo offers a very pleasant soft and silky touch. The wood is delicately varnished, ensuring excellent durability over time and protection against fingerprints and scratches.

Natural innovation

Do not throw away the packaging! it folds and transforms into a phone holder.

Which case to choose for your smartphone?

When you are about tochoosing a phone case for your smartphone, you have the choice between varioustypes of hullsand various materials.

Depending on your desires, you can opt for asoft phone case, in TPU or silicone, or onehard wooden phone case, glass, leather, polycarbonate, or others.

THEsoft casesare appreciated for their finesse and lightness. Their main drawback is that they can deteriorate easily, or turn yellow if they are transparent. If your phone is dropped,soft smartphone casewill not provide maximum protection.

THEhard phone casesare appreciated for theirrobustness. If you are looking for ashockproof phone caseand which protect your smartphone,hard shellsrepresent a sure value. Among them, thewooden phone caseshave made their place in the market and are appreciated for their style andmaximum protection.

Why choose a wooden Xiaomi case?

Ultra-resistant to shocks, OURXiaomi Mi 11 Lite wooden caseis aoriginal shellwith careful finishes, combining resistance and elegance. Made from noble and natural materials, ourwooden phone caseis equipped with a real bamboo plate to ensure amaximum protection against scratches and impacts.Supplied with a tempered glass protective screen, your phone will be protected 360°.

Perfect for bringing a natural touch to your
telephone, ourbamboo shellhas been delicately varnished, which gives it a soft and pleasant touch as well as excellent durability over time. 

Xiaomi case in wood and 9D tempered glass, the ideal shockproof combo!

Kibodo, the specialist in original wooden phone cases

The brandKIBODOwishes to bring renewal to the world of high-tech. This is why we
wish to offer technological products to everyone,sober and elegant designand ahigh-end quality.

Specializing in telephony and office accessories made from bamboo, we offer a collection of functional objects which
ensure real durability over time.

Ourwooden phone casesareresistant,
durable and aesthetic.
With us, each product is designed to meet everyday needs, while bringing a touch of refinement to your
use. Very concerned by environmental issues, each of ourbamboo phone casesis sent in aplastic-free and recyclable packaging, which you can use as a phone holder when folded.