Comment charger son téléphone sans le brancher ?

How to load your phone without connecting it?

Wire loaders have been useful for many years. But these seem, however, to have made their time. Indeed, nowadays, we seek rather to charge his phone without plugging it, because this is much more convenient. This has become possible thanks to the wireless charge technology that we will make the presentation in this article.
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Wire loaders have been useful for many years. But these seem, however, to have made their time. Indeed, nowadays, we seek rather to charge his phone without plugging it, because this is much more convenient. This has become possible thanks to the wireless charge technology that we will make the presentation in this article.

Wireless charger, what is it?

The wireless charger is currently more and more sought after. The reason is simply: it allows to load our mobile device without having to connect directly to an electrical outlet via a cable. This possibility to do without electric thread is not only practical, but also more aesthetic. Indeed, wireless chargers come in many design, and are sometimes designed in original materials, such as bamboo wireless charger of the Bamboo Electronics brand for example.

Charge your phone without plugging it through Qi technology

Wireless chargers use Qi technology (which is pronounced "TCHI") to allow the non-wired load of our mobile devices. It is a magnetic induction technology created by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008. It is composed of two main elements: a transmission medium and a technology compatible receiver and integrated into the mobile device (smartphone, tablet , etc.).

To load your phone without plugging it, simply place its device on the transmission medium. The contact is then done by the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. That is to say, the electrical energy is transferred from the transmission medium (the wireless charger) to the receiver (the smartphone) via a magnetic field. It is this transmitted electrical energy that allows you to charge the phone.

Induction recharge is based on ampere law and the law of Faraday Induction. The magnetic field is generated by a current circulating in a coil, the latter being located in the charging station. The generated magnetic field will then produce a voltage in a second coil, which it is integrated inside the device to load. It is therefore thanks to this voltage that the current can circulate in the second coil.

Devices compatible with wireless charging technology

Do you know that the first device to have enjoyed wireless recharge was an electric toothbrush? But the use of this technology has since extended to other devices, and it is now found frequently on our smartphones.

That's why it's now possible to load his phone without plugging in, since many models are equipped with an integrated receiver. The latter converts the current magnetic electro field.

However, it is important to remember that it is not all smartphones that are compatible with wireless charging technology. Indeed, the oldest models are generally devoid of the famous receiver.

However, it remains possible to load your phone without plugging it, even if it is incompatible. This is sufficient to use a special charging cover with built-in wireless charging technology. The cover is equipped with a USB port that then connect with the smartphone.

This solution is not very well known because of its lack of practicality. Indeed, the main advantage of the wireless recharge is that it is enough to put one's phone on a support for charging, something that does not allow the cover, however. You do not need to physically connect the device to a charger.

Wireless charging technology is more and more on smartphones. Many brands have already integrated into their more or less recent devices. We can mention each example:

  • Apple
  • Huawei
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Motorola
  • HTC
  • or LG

But it also tends to be present on other devices. Thus, it is now less rare to charge his tablet without having to plug it. Smartwatches as well as the latest Wearables can also enjoy this technology.

The advantages and disadvantages of wireless recharge

To be able to load your phone without connecting brings undeniable advantages. Indeed, here, the recharge of its smartphone can not be simpler, since you just have to put your device on the recharge base, and it will automatically start charging. Plus the sentence so looking for your charger, connect it to a plug, then connect it to your smartphone.

That said, this type of technology also comes with its share of disadvantages. First, keep in mind that you can not completely switch from an electrical outlet to load your device. Indeed, to load your phone without connecting it, you will still have to connect your charging base to the power grid. A wireless charger using Qi technology does not allow you to recharge your smartphone in a non-wired way anywhere. You will always need an electric outlet nearby.

It would also be advisable to take into account that a wireless recharge takes longer than a direct recharge via a cable. In addition, wireless chargers have never been considered as a way to recharge its phone faster. However, a future evolution of this technology could lead to an acceleration of the recharge rate. But in the immediate future, you will need to be a little more patient.

Finally, you should not be surprised if your smartphone starts heating during recharging on its induction base. If your device is heating excess, this could harm the battery life. To avoid that, you can for example alternate between a wireless charging during the day, and a classic refill in the evening.

The choice of the good wireless charger

Now that you have all the information about how to load your phone without plugging it, you just have to choose the wireless charger adapted to your needs. But above all any purchase, check that your smartphone is compatible with this technology. Then take care to choose a charger that will itself be compatible with your device.

Wireless chargers become numerous, but all are not necessarily worth, in terms of quality. When you purchase, be sure to verify that the search base you are interested in either certified "Qi Certified" and displays the QI logo.

Models that are too good market are generally not recommended. Indeed, some of them embark wireless charging devices that could potentially damage your phone. Others have trouble establishing the connection, thus forcing you to grop to transfer the electrical energy of your charger to your smartphone. This would then remove all the practical aspect of the object.

Finally, do not hesitate to opt for a model that is aesthetic. Indeed, a wireless charger could quite serve as a decoration object on your desktop. You can also play on the type of material used for the charger design. For example, a bamboo model would be ideal for bringing a small exotic and refined touch to your workspace.