Booster sa productivité avec des plantes d'intérieur, comment faire ?

Boost your productivity with indoor plants, how to do it?

Did you know that plants can be of great use in the office? We are not only talking about plants here for decoration, but plants that can improve your performance at work, while preserving your health. But how do plants boost your productivity? We invite you to discover this through our article.

Did you know that plants can be of great use in the office? We are not only talking about plants here for decoration, but plants that can improve your performance at work, while preserving your health. But how do plants boost your productivity? We invite you to discover this through our article.


The benefits brought by office plants

Plants are not only used as decorative elements in an office. Indeed, they bring many other benefits such as improving the air quality you breathe, boost your productivity Or reduce various ailments that can impact your efficiency at work.

Plants boost your productivity

Studies say that putting depolluting plants in the office increases productivity by 15%. The most skeptical could not give credit to this assertion, and yet it is indeed a statistic resulting from a study by the University of Exeter.

Thus, according to the researcher in charge of the Dr. Chris Knight survey, the productivity and memorization of employees are favored thanks to the addition of a single plant per square meter. Depolluting plants also serve as a natural barrier against noise, allowing employees to boost their performance. Installing a plant in your workplace will therefore help you focus better, to become more productive and also more creative.

Effective against anxiety

Anxiety can considerably affect the productivity of a worker. Indeed, this state makes the concentration much more difficult, thus reducing the performance of the subject. However, studies have shown that plants have relaxing virtues, especially in a professional context.

Installing plants in a working environment would therefore positively impact the nervous system. This strengthens the fact that plants boost your productivity for real.

Improve the ambient air quality thanks to the plants

You no doubt remember your SVT lessons during which you have learned that plants absorb CO2 and reject oxygen. Yes, you recognized the photosynthesis phenomenon. Well this law of nature also applies to plants installed in an office.

At the same time, they release water vapor, increasing the humidity in the room. They are also very effective in neutralizing computer screens.

NASA carried out studies during the 1980s demonstrating that plants were able to eliminate chemicals present in the air such as formaldehyde, trichlorethylene and benzene.

More recent studies carried out by a research group from the University of Sydney have concluded that plants reduce the level of carbon dioxide by 25% in parts without air conditioning, and 10% in air -conditioned parts.

Preserve your physical and mental health thanks to office plants

Several ailments can be contracted at work. You can cite as an example the back pain caused by a too prolonged sitting position, or by the use of a non -ergonomic chair. Prolonged use of a computer can also cause headache and fatigue. Finally, staying in a cramped office for a long time can lead to a feeling of harmful confinement in your mental health.

Know that plants can help you fight against these various ailments. Indeed, they strengthen the immune system, thus influencing your productivity positively. Likewise, the simple fact of seeing a pretty green plant on your desk can boost your morale, thus limiting mental fatigue and the risk of depression.


Some examples of plants boost your productivity

Now that we know how plants boost your productivity, let's see the species that are best able to carry out this mission in a professional environment.

The aloe vera

Aloe vera is classified among the best plants that boost your productivity. It is actually recognized to counter the harmful effects of magnetic waves emitted by devices such as computers for example.

It is also a plant with depolluting virtues. It would indeed be able to absorb 90% of the formaldehydes present in the air. To enjoy its benefits, you only have to install it on your desktop, ideally in a well -lit room.

This plant with tropical origins can also be installed in your room, since it can also help you sleep, if you suffer from insomnia. By benefiting from more quality sleep, you will show more productivity at work.

The Philodendron

The Philodendron is a small plant with luxurious radiation and such resistance that it can flourish without difficulty in any office. You will therefore have no problem maintaining it.

Many health benefits can be taken from this plant. The Philodendron has the ability to clean up the air. As the lack of clean air is often the cause of headache at work, its presence will therefore help you maintain your level of concentration.


Jasmine is not content to be a very beauty plant, with its delicate white petals, since its simple presence on an desk can reduce stress and anxiety. It is also effective in fighting depression.

Scientific research published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has shown that jasmine diffuses a perfume that acts on nerve cells, and which promotes rest. It would therefore be a natural remedy of great efficiency if you want to fight anxiety without having to take medication.

To benefit even more from the virtues brought by jasmine, you can use its essential oil. This will help you sleep more easily.

The moon flower

Among the plants that boost your productivity, you can also cite the moon flower. Besides its beautiful appearance, this plant helps you hang your attention. This is made possible thanks to its ability to improve air quality in a room.

This discovery was made by NASA, and the latter even scored it on its list of the best purifying plants. By installing a moon flower in your office, your air will therefore be optimal, allowing you to boost your productivity.

Lemon lemon balm

The lemon lemon balm also proves that plants boost your productivity. Be aware that this plant improves mood and creates a feeling of general well-being. By placing it on an desk, you will therefore be in an optimal state of mind to do your work with motivation and efficiency.

In addition, this plant is very simple to maintain: it is able to flourish, whether placed in the shade or in full sun. This is an ideal office plant, and you will not have to worry about maintenance.

Mother-in-law's language

The language of mother-in-law, also called "Sanseevière" is another plant to consider if you want to purify the air from your office. This plant native to Africa has long stems capable of filtering formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and trichlorethylene present in the air.

The fatty plants are perfect office plants. These plants boost your productivity and protect you from headache at work. So do not hesitate to install it on your workspace!