L'incroyable histoire des Holy Panda, ces switches légendaires

The incredible story of the Holy Panda, these legendary switches

If you are interested in the world of mechanical keyboards, you have probably already heard of Holy Panda . Does this name mean something to you? It's normal, these are the most popular keyboard switches and users' favorites.

But then, why are they so popular? What makes them so special?

To understand the history of the Holy Panda, let's go back to the origins of things...

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A community creation at the origin of Holy Panda

Holy Panda switches

Quakemz is known as the host of the Youtube channel Top Clack , he is passionate about mechanical keyboards, sharing his passion on forums and social networks, with a passionate, active and engaged community.

In the world of switches for mechanical keyboards , there are many models, some more popular than others, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Disappointed with the outcome of two popular switches, Quakemz sets out on a quest for perfection by experimenting with a whole new thing. He had a clear idea of ​​what he was looking for: a blend of smoothness, responsiveness, and smooth tactile feedback.

After much experimentation, he gave birth to a hybrid prototype that truly changed the game: it swapped the case and stem of two popular switches, the Halo True and the Invyr Panda . That's when the magic happened. The fusion of these two different switches creates a tactile sensation and typing smoothness unmatched until now. The characteristics of each switch were harmoniously complementary.

But no one would have believed that simple switches placed under each key of a keyboard could create so much excitement, and certainly not Quakemz , who was far from imagining that his discovery would become a real revolution in the world of mechanical keyboards...

Launching a Global Business Opportunity

Mechanical keyboard switch

Originally, to obtain Holy Panda , it was necessary to purchase the two switches, Halo True and Invyr Panda , and combine them yourself. As a result, the price was twice as high.

Mass manufacturing is therefore launched in order to market Holy Panda in a single piece and at a much more affordable price. Its mass production and marketing accessible to a wide audience have created a real frenzy in the community of enthusiasts.

The first distributors of this creation were Drop and Glorious , who have long competed to offer Holy Panda switches at the best price. They waged a relentless confrontation, each claiming to have the best official version of the Holy Panda.

Until now, Holy Panda switches were not distributed in France. If you wanted to obtain them, it was necessary to order from a foreign site, thus confronting you with recurring stock shortages and extended delivery times.

At Kibodo we want to offer you the possibility of obtaining your Holy Panda switches easily and quickly. This is why we offer the Holy Panda for sale on our online store. We source our supplies directly from the first factory behind the creation of Holy Panda , and store all our products in France, at our head office, which ensures immediate availability.

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Much more than just keyboard switches...

Holy Panda keyboard switch

Today, Holy Pandas have become a symbol in the mechanical keyboard community . They are the starting point for an entire generation of switches, since they have inspired many manufacturers to create new variations.

Thus, the story of Holy Panda switches is much more than just a story of technology and innovation. It is the story of a enthusiast who transformed his quest for perfection into an experience shared by thousands of people around the world.

The story of their creation and popularization is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when passion, dedication and community come together.

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