Quel clavier choisir pour travailler ? Nos meilleurs conseils détaillés

Which keyboard to choose to work? Our best detailed advice

When we use an accessory on a daily basis for our work, it is essential that the accessory in question is adapted to our needs, and ideally to our taste. This rule particularly applies when it comes to choosing your keyboard for work. By equipping yourself with the right equipment, you will gain motivation, comfort and productivity.

But then, which keyboard should you choose for working? Let's see the answer together in this article.

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When using a daily accessory for your work, it is essential that the accessory in question is adapted to our needs, and ideally for our taste. This rule applies particularly when it comes to choosing its keyboard to work. By equipping yourself with the right equipment, you will gain both motivation, comfort and productivity.

But then, which keyboard to choose to work? Let's see the answer in this article together.


The essential characteristics to determine which keyboard to choose to work

The keyboard you choose must suit you perfectly. Any discomfort of use could harm your productivity, and even sometimes to your health (risk of tendonitis for example), and undergoing this discomfort daily would be just unlivable. So that you can work in the best conditions, here are the essential criteria to consider in order to determine which keyboard to choose to work.

The width

Your keyboard must be wide enough for your forearms to rest in the optimal position, that is to say the perpendicular of the bust. The accessory should not be too wide either, because it would clutter the office, and could potentially invade a space that should be intended for other equipment, such as mice for example.

Keys technology

There are 3 main technologies: membrane, mechanical and scissors.

- The membrane keys: the membrane keyboard has a rubber coating under the keys, and covering the entire electronic part. This type of keyboard is inexpensive, silent, but is not very pleasant to use. You must also press the key to validate the command. It is not really suitable for daily use.

- Mechanical keys: with the mechanical keyboard, a slight strike is enough to pass the signal. The key support is also followed by a net and frank click confirming the validity of the strike. The mechanical keys therefore make it possible to strike more quickly, making them significantly better suited for prolonged use on a daily basis. The click emitted can however disturb some, while others particularly appreciate it.

- Scissor keys: these keys use membrane technology, with the difference that a chisel mechanics are added under each key. This chisel mechanics gets a drier and firm touch. These keys are not as precise as the mechanical keys, but they are however preferable to the simple membrane keys.

The inclination

Be sure to choose the keyboard as flat as possible. The goal is to ensure that your wrists are not unnecessary torsion. An adjustable model in height would be interesting, because you can adapt its position to your workspace and your morphology.

The footrest

If you have opted for a keyboard adjustable in height, then it will be necessary to have a toe. This accessory makes it possible to keep the alignment of the hands and forearms, even if the keyboard is raised compared to your office. You must also take into account the size of your hands when you have to choose a keyboard with or without a rest. The presence of this accessory is essential if you have big hands.


A keyboard can be wireless, wireless or wireless with AES encryption. As its name suggests, the wired keyboard is powered by a cable. The latter must be of sufficient length, for better comfort of use. The wireless keyboard offers more freedom of movement. However, it will be necessary to provide a reserve of batteries/batteries for its power supply. Finally, the AES encryption wireless keyboard offers better safety of use, as the strikes transferred to the computer are encrypted, making any unwanted interception impossible.


Our selection of the best keyboards to work

The keyboards are innumerable on the market, but not all are suitable for daily use. In order to help you define which keyboard to choose to work, we have planned a selection of models best suited to this kind of use.

Logitech MX Keys

Logitech offers high quality products on the market, favoring comfort and efficiency. Its MX Keys model is currently the most recommended for office automation.

It is an elegant design keyboard, with a most appreciable metallic visual rendering. Its dimensions are 43.2 x 13.2 cm, with a thickness of only 0.7 cm at the bottom of the keyboard, and 2.1 cm at the top with the inclination. The flat design of the keyboard allows the wrists not to undergo significant torsion.

It has a rigid plastic frame ensuring great solidity as well as perfect rigidity. Stability is guaranteed by the presence of six feet. The keyboard is therefore not likely to move, even if you use it on lacquered or glass plastic offices.

The chiclet keys of this MX Keys make it possible to strike more comfortably, in particular because of their spacing and their “hollow” design. Note also that we are dealing here with scissors. The shot is therefore effective and quick, even if it does not reach the level of a mechanical keyboard.

The keys are backlit, for more comfort of use if you have to work late at night. Note that it is delivered with a quilted tapesty less than 1 cm thick. Compatible PC and Mac, Logitech MX Keys is the best option to consider if you are wondering which keyboard to choose to work.

Razer Blackwidow Lite

The Razer brand is best known for offering equipment for gaming. And yet, the firm is entirely able to design products suitable for office automation. The Razer Blackwidow Lite is the perfect example. This model combines perfectly compactness and comfort of use thanks to its reduced size and its ideally spaced touches.

Razer excels in the design of mechanical keyboards pleasant to use, and this Blackwidow Lite fully benefits from this know-how. Here, each touch can endure 80 million strikes, which is welcome when you plan to use the keyboard daily and intensively.

Antighting allows you to validate almost all of your strikes, allowing you to type at greater speed. Here we find the comfort of use that can be expected from a quality mechanical keyboard. Each strike is firm, dry and sound.

The Razer Blackwidow Lite is delivered with a point rest. This accessory gives you more comfort, and also allows you to correct your position for optimal ergonomics.

Kibodo Bigboard

If you are someone who appreciates the aesthetics and the naturalness of things before rushing towards features, and who needs more inspiration and well-being at work than technical functions, the best keyboard in the world for You are surely the wooden keyboard Bigboard from Kibodo.

A true element of decoration in its own right, it highlights and makes your workspace more attractive, a good point to stimulate its creativity.

It has wireless connectivity by USB allowing it to be connected to any fixed computer, with an autonomy of 2 years per batteries.