Keyboard switches

How to choose keyboard switches?

Choosing the best switch for mechanical keyboard depends on your use. You can opt for a linear switch , which offers responsiveness and silence, or a tactile switch , favored for its precision.

The linear switch stands out for its responsiveness and silence. When you press a key, the linear switch operates the key smoothly without resistance, providing speed and flexibility. It is particularly recommended for gaming keyboards.

The tactile switch , for its part, is appreciated for its precision. It allows you to feel the trigger point of the keys with each keystroke, requiring more pronounced pressure than linear switches. This type of switch is ideal for avoiding typing errors, especially if you write a lot.

Kibodo, the specialist in keyboard switches

At Kibodo, we specialize in mechanical keyboards and keyboard switches , offering a range of high quality mechanical switches .

Our keyboard switches are designed to meet the specific needs of each user. Whether you're looking for the responsiveness and flexibility of a linear switch or the precision of a tactile switch, Kibodo has the perfect solution for you.

As a specialist in keyboard switches , we understand the importance of choosing the switch that best suits your use . Whether you're an avid gamer looking for optimal performance or a writer looking for precise typing, we're here to guide you to the ideal switch .

How does the delivery of keyboard switches work with Kibodo?

When you have added your products to your basket, you will be able to calculate the delivery costs before making the purchase. Once your order has been validated, our experts will take care of sending your order within the day if you made the purchase before noon. It will be delivered to you within 1 to 3 working days , depending on the option chosen.

So that you can follow the delivery of your package , we will provide you with a link and a tracking number .