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Wooden mechanical keyboard - Rhizome Duo
KIBODOWooden mechanical keyboard - Rhizome Duo
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Rhizome Lite Mechanical Keyboard
Holy Panda mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)
Roselle mechanical keyboard switch (70pcs)

Why buy a wireless mechanical keyboard?

Wireless mechanical keyboards offer an unparalleled typing experience while providing great convenience. Choosing a wireless mechanical keyboard is the ideal solution to combine performance and freedom of movement.

With advanced wireless technology , these keyboards provide reliable connectivity, allowing you to work or play without cable constraints. The freedom offered by a wireless mechanical keyboard transforms your workspace into a more organized and aesthetic place.

The exceptional responsiveness of the mechanical switches guarantees precise and fast typing, ideal for demanding users. Wireless mechanical keyboards also offer generous battery life, ensuring extended use without interruption.

Choosing a wireless mechanical keyboard means combining aesthetics, typing performance, and wireless practicality.

A customizable mechanical keyboard using switches

Discover our customizable mechanical keyboards and our selection of switches.

Choose the switches to personalize your mechanical keyboard according to your preferences. Opt for linear switches for quiet typing or tactile switches for a distinctive feel.

With our personalized mechanical keyboards , create a typing experience that suits you. Easily change the switches to adapt your keyboard to your needs, whether you are a gamer or a professional.

Opt for simplicity, adaptability and performance with our mechanical keyboards at Kibodo!

Kibodo, the specialist in mechanical keyboards and accessories

Present in 8 European countries, Kibodo has already attracted more than 10,000 customers thanks to its wooden office accessories and high-performance mechanical keyboards .

Since our creation in 2019, our commitment has been to provide products with refined design and high-end quality, while ensuring optimal durability.

At Kibodo, specialist in mechanical keyboards and accessories , we have chosen to manufacture our products from sustainable materials, such as bamboo. Our mechanical keyboards are imagined and designed to combine the latest cutting-edge technologies and the naturalness of bamboo.

Discover quality, innovation and sustainability at Kibodo, the specialist in wooden mechanical keyboards .